Yo bitch! Dis is Netmaster 10baseT pingin' yo sorry ass, and I want y'all to know that

I'm on the muthafuckin case.


[boom chicka wap wap widget widget widget]

I be jackin'.

I be crimpin'.

I be tracin'.

I be pingin'

I be routin' yo packets like a Cisco;

I'm gonna grease yo cables with Crisco.

[widget widget widget wi wi wi widget widget]

Give me a serial cable and a Qume,

and I'll be flyin'.

I'll clear the muthafuckin room.

You don't fuck with me: my crimper's got fangs.

I'll take all your dots, and turn 'em inta bangs.

So I'm movin' yo data like a GIGAswitch HPPI;

You do a traceroute, and you think it's kinda trippy

When it don't hop no place; it comes straight to me;

I got electro-magnets in my TCP.

[boom boom wap chicka widget widget widget]

Some cracker cuts yo fiber with a hatchet?

I'll rap his fuckin' head in with a ratchet,

cuz I'm the Netmaster. 10baseT is in the house;

I'm clackin' on yo keyboard, I'm clickin on yo mouse.

And you better watch out , cuz I'm sniffin yo packets

Got a mile o' CAT-5 with the insulator jacket.

[chicka wap chicka widget chicka boom boom pppfffffttt]

I'm seeing all ones from the back o' the jack;

I'm tellin' the telco they all smokin' crack.

I can loop ya fuckin' link in a minute.

Give me a console port...and I'm up in it.

Cuz I'm a bad-ass admin on the net...

...straight outta Netcom: crazy muthafucka with a terminator.

I'm gonna trace yo ass.

So, you best not be slackin'.

you know that I'll be hackin'.

Got the GIGAswitch HPPI muthafuckin' connectivity.

[widget wap chicka boom wappity boom boom]

While all the other admins' on a picnic...

I'm on the case; I'm bustin' on Mitnick.

Your friends on trex all usin' PGP?

I'll fuckin' read it in hex; that ain't shit to me.

Cuz I'm what the muthafuckas call connected.

Your packet comes to me… it gets rejected.

I can see you through the fiber, got yo mouse in yo hand with

the muthafuckin' spam that's consumin' my bandwidth.

[waka waka widget wap widget chicka widget]

You got yo routes all flappin'.

And yo packets all droppin,

You say you got problems on the net?

You ain't seen nothin' yet.

It's gonna run...LIKE BUTTA.

[widget chicka sssiizzzafffiittzzz]

Peace. I'm outta here.